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As a writer, I have gained deep satisfaction from translating not only the words of my interview subjects, but also my own experiences and understanding in order to create comprehensive articles and books. When I translate other people’s words and experiences, I strive for the same level of quality and satisfaction.

In the beginning, operating as a new writer in Japan not yet fluent in the language, I was disheartened by the difficulty of finding and deciphering information on my subjects. And while it was a fascinating introduction to the field to directly interview such greats as Ikko Tanaka and Kiyoshi Awazu, Shigeo Fukuda, Shigeru Ban and Kenya Hara with growing fluency, how much more productive those early years would have been had I been able to study, or even skim, the many volumes of Japanese language material available.

Today the Internet affords global access to creators in every continent and region, but the language barrier continues to frustrate many in their attempt to do research about or communicate with those on the other side. We are happy to proffer a bridge. Having defeated the language barrier ourselves, we recognize the various levels of translation necessary to creators, researchers, speakers, writers, or those who simply want to make contact with someone using another language. We are happy to work with clients to provide the level of detail and expression needed for the task.


In each and every one of us, there is rooted a positive, inspirational vision. As a translator, it is my pleasure to help people introduce their thoughts and perspectives to another community as precisely and positively as possible.

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